Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Coral & Purple

Hello Loviess,

How have you been? Hmm the year started with a bang; work has been hectic, traffic is back on the streets of Lagos & busy mode fully activated :-(((
Here i was thinking i would blog more. Anyways my lovies i would do all i can to post as often as i can.

So i was having a conversation with my friend and she was complaining about having just dark colors in her wardrobe and how she would love to own brighter colored clothes. I gave her a very simple advise that worked for me years ago when i liked dark colors; Start gradually by buying a few bright colored tops, blazers, shirts that can mix easily with dark bottoms and vice versa. Then eventually you'll get more comfortable and easily piece bright colors together. 

 Purple Blazer: Zara Old
Sheer Chiffon Top: French Connection
Coral Skirt: Asos
Shoes: Jasper Conran

I remember the color blocking days, that was and still is one of my favorite fashion trends because i love wearing bright colors. Thankfully, my job doesn't restrict me so i can pull off almost anything.

My own personal rule however is to make sure the shades sort of compliment each other and also accessories or one piece of clothing tones down the whole look.

What's your take on piecing bright colors together? And how bright can you go? 

Thanks for always reading lovies.



  1. Beautiful is the word :)
    I love the tips, God bless the soul that invented the color block trend.
    Your hair is gorgeous
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

  2. Stunning. Love how you put the colors together. Even though bright, they compliment each other. You look good girl.

  3. Stylefash ! I love The Skirt . You look lovely as always.

  4. i love the simplicity of this outfit...

  5. love the combination.
    your skirt and shoes are just fab.


  6. The colors are very lovely together

  7. Pretty blazer you got there :)

    My view re piecing together bright colors and how far one can go......I think one can go colourful from head-to-toe and not look eccentric. An example is mixing up a color within the same family. So in the past I managed to pick different shades of yellow (amber, gold, mustard) as my tankie, blazer, skirt and my accessories were a mix of cobalt blue and burnt orange. The outfit did look gorgeous in all.

    I love playing with colors, not only the choice of my wardrobe collection can testify to this, my home decor speaks volume about my passion for bright colors :)

    Colorfully yours,


  8. Love the skirt!


  9. Fine fine fine lady o. Love the color mix SF. Would never have thought of mixing purple and coral. I love colors too and I think one of my favorite color mix was Yellow and Mint. Very nice.
    Love your hair and shoes.

  10. Lovely post SF25. The combination is on point ...I have to be honest though, I'm not a big fan of your choice of shoes *closed eyes*. The blazers is ALIVE! Overall the outfit has the classy SF touch!!

  11. @Lamina are u joking?? the shoes are the business here, it doesnt fit everyone i agree but SF has amazing legs and the shoes look awesome worn by her,

    Lovely outfit all together.