Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Breakfast at Berry's

Hello Loviessss,

How are you today? 

So Saturday last week, Berry invited Bex & I over for breakfast. Well it was meant to be breakfast for 10 am then we moved it to 11 am but it ended up being brunch or lunch sef.

The wahala started because i had hung out with my friends and colleagues the night before and got home quite late so when Bex called me at 8.15 am, i was still snoring. Anyways, fast forward to 9.40 am, i rushed into the bathroom like a banshi and remembered i had to make a quick stopover at 1004 to drop off stuff with my cousin who was going to England that evening. 

We had planned that i would bring freshly baked bread from Grand square which in my opinion is the best right now followed closely by Cactus bread, Irish Cream & Ice- Cream and Bex was to bring loads of Bacon, Baked beans & Something else. Berry the host, eggs, sausages, mushrooms, Sex & the City DVD and of course cook. Anyways I was on my way to Berry's when i got a message from Bex saying she would be running late and i should help her pick up the Bacon. Hmm the traffic by the Spa Mall was gangster so i couldn't help.

I finally got to Berry's about 1 p.m. i think and then gist began. Bex joined us about 30 minutes later and the fun began. We had so much to catch up on that we actually didn't start cooking until about 1 hour later.

Bex made this delicious coconut cupcakes 

With the way i rushed out of the house, there was no time for make up or to even brush my hair properly. *Covers Face*

Bex didn't bother with make up either...hehehe

Berry frying away while we continued our gist in her kitchen

A few minutes later, The well set table had food on it

Oh yes, Bex took off her wig at some point and we celebrated her Big chop. Isn't she just gorg? And she made it clear that she isn't *Team Natural* or anything...LOL.

We also didn't get round to watching the Sex & the City DVD because there was too much gist. 

Cakes, Berry's husband came in somewhere in between and just left us in our world. 

Anyways, we finally left about 5ish and it was a lot of fun.

Thank You Berry for having us over, you were such a fantastic host. 

Thanks for always reading lovies.



  1. You guys must have had a lovely time, please where is Grand Square I have been looking for new bread to try. Thanks dear, xx


    1. Hi Tonkabelle dearie. Grand square is opposite 1004 exit gate on Adetokunbo Ademola street V/I. Its beside First Bank. The bread is just divine.

  2. Okay, so i have a very huge crush on your friend Bex. You all look so relaxed. Stylefash you have hot legs and a very innocent look & Berry the food looks yummy. My first time commenting but i always read your blog.

    1. I found Bex cooking blog through your blog and she is an amazing cook. I like her with her hair long or short.

  3. ah! grand square bread!!! give me that any day, any time...

  4. hmm, you obviously had a nice time. we missed you here though. I already left a comment for you on berry's blog sef* good to have you back anyway. I hope you'd stay!

  5. StyleFash now the whole world has seen my 'real face' lol. Just kidding. Yeah we had loads of fun, it's always fun hanging out with you guys, gosh who would believe we met online? @ Femi thanks for the nice words..*Bex runs away and hides behind some bushes and peeks out at Femi* teeheehee.

    I think I'm team DoYouWhileIDoMe

  6. What a cute girl's day idea! I love that you can commune with friends and have such a beautiful gathering with delicious food and plenty of fun. I wish my friends and I did stuff like this more :) Great post :)

    The Indie Byline

  7. Nice post! Looks like alot of fun...This is actually my ideal kind of fun with my besties...
    Berry's house looks very nice and newlywedy! The food has me salivating...

  8. PS: very coy title though!
    Breakfast at Berry's a la Breakfast at Tiffany's...Rolling My Eyes!

  9. hummm enjoyment time...

    my new post here
    am following your blog

  10. You have hot long legs for days!! Berry has a beautiful homely home.. i like. And bex is truly gorg even with the short hair, lots of girls won't pull off that look...
    Good to see lagos big girls truly make up free not with d annoying selfies of "i woke up this way" when its obvious dem don touch touch the face.

    1. Lagos big girls ke?!?!?!? Looooooooooooooooool!

      Thanks! Slowly making the apartment feel more homely

  11. Thanks for all your comments loves. Please i lost some comments while trying to approve them, if you don't see yours, its the network connection. My apologies. Hugs xxx