Thursday, 18 April 2013

We Love Blazer Dresses

Hello Loviessss,

Today we will be blogging about one of fashions favorite; The Blazer Dress. This is one trend that originated from the menswear fashion and like most of the trends from the men, its ever so stylish. 

Like is said in one of my previous post "BOY MEETS GIRL" Menswear dressing isn’t for everyone, and designers have offered alternatives for those that want to get on board the trend without sacrificing their femininity. 

From Kim K, Chrissy Teigen, Miley Cyrus to Gywneth Paltrow, all have been seen spotting the blazer dress. 

For the purpose of this post, I have categorized them into four parts.

- The really short blazer dress - Worn alone
- Floral, print or sequin long blazers - Worn over short dresses
- The stylish blazer dresses -  Has a touch of femininity, asymmetrical & usually cinched around the waist for definition.
- Structured Blazer Dresses - Usually longer in length, structured but still retains the blazer lapel.

Would you be wearing the blazer dress? Hope this post guides you on how to wear this trend.

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Blazer Dresses worn alone

 Love this stripped one so much

Floral, Sequins or Print Blazer Dresses

Stylish Blazer Dresses

Structured Blazer Dresses

Photo Credit: Pinterest


  1. Juliana Rancic looks really nice in the asymmetrical blazer. Love the structured ones too. The short blazers have to grow on me

    1. Hey Jewel Lovie,

      I agree, its a trend that one might need baby steps with. but you don't have to wear it as a stand alone piece.

      Thanks for stopping by love.


  2. Love this trend so much.