Friday, 5 April 2013

In Love again - My New Sunnies

Hello Loviesssss,

Thank God the weekend is here. Easter made friday come really quick :-)

I had been planning on getting new sunnies for a while now, kind of got bored with the old ones. I am one of those people who believe in getting or investing in a really good pair of sunglasses not just as a fashion statement but for proper protection from the terrible sun these days. It might cost a bit, but in the long run its well worth it.

Anyhoo, i wanted to get the Katy Perry or Dita Von Teese cat eyed look and i saw a couple that were close but this Balmain baby stole my heart. Not too cat eyed shaped but just enough to give me that look. 

Its chocolate brown, got these studs around it giving it the edgy look but still has the chic sexy shape i wanted. 

It costs anywhere between $350-$450 but thanks to one of my favorite people in the world, i got it as a gift.  

But hey, you could get similar ones for a lot less *wink*.

BTW, i had a domestic accident during the easter break; was frying chicken in a frying pan and hot oil spilled all over my left hand OMG i have never experienced the kind of pain i did when it happened. It felt like my hand was on fire. To think this happened because i was just too lazy to change the oil in my deep fryer *covers face in shame*. 

I really thank God because it could have been worse. The lesson for me is that i must make Heaven ooooo because hell is not an option with the non stop burning feeling i felt for 2 days...LOL.

Have a fabulous weekend and stay chic.

Thanks for always reading.


Quote of the Day: Why should you continue going after your dreams? Because the look of people who said you couldn't would be priceless.


  1. This is one stunning sunnies. Cant wait to see what they look like on you. P.s do you have any websites you can recommend where i can get similar cheaper? cos trust me i wont spend $350 on sunnies...LOL.

    1. Thanks Tami. They have similar shape on any of the high street stores that do sunnies. *wink*

  2. Olive Says...

    Awww sorry about your domestic accident. But mehn you are one funny chic. Couldn't stop laughing at your "making heaven ooooo" God help us all.
    I would come and raid you very soon. This sunglasses are so chic.

    1. LOL @ Olive. Abi nau... That pain made me even more determined to make Heaven.

      Thanks for commenting lovie.


  3. Stylefash! this epistle for a pair of sunnies? well, i know the feeling of being in love with an accessory, so i'll let you go. For a babe on an extremely tight budget a la moi, i shall get the look for alot less from my best bud-, I cant come and kill myself (LOL).

    Lovely pair you got by the way. Can I have the old ones before the 'other vulture' *wink* takes them all, please?

    1. Hahahahahahaha Laminaristic lovie, i love me some ebay too. I should do a post on some of my lovely finds there.

      Just tell me how to post the old ones to you. *sticking tongue out*.


  4. hahahahahaha @ making heaven. oh my days you are one funny babe. Sorry about the accident, you are right it could have been worse.

    Now to the matter of this cute sunnies, i am totally in love and i just got a pair from Prada. Please dont tempt me. The prada one cost a fortune but i saved for them so i am rocking my sunnies and loving it.

    Love your blog.

    1. Hey Lovie,

      Thanks a lot, yeah it could have been worse but i thank God.

      Hmm Prada sunnies are usually very lovely and hot.