Monday, 4 February 2013

Is it okay to swing to work?

Hello Loviesssss,

Hope we all had a great weekend? Mine was quite eventful. 

I was flipping through some fashion magazines last night and i just thought about all those lovely clothes we love to buy but sometimes never get round to wearing. Those bright colored blazers, sweaters, pants, skirts, print dresses, lace skirts etc.

The annoying bit for me is if you are a work chic and you are unable to infuse them into you work style. 

Anyhoo today's post is just a guide and would help us see how to swing some of those pieces to work without going over the top. Remember to remain within your office dress code while playing around with the pieces.

My rule is; always keep it simple, stylish, classy & trendy. 

We have loads of pictures for you.



Photo Credit: Pinterest


  1. Wow stylefash25 I want every thing on this post. I don't mind getting into trouble at work for wearing them LOL. Great post

  2. Hi stylefash25 i see you are going strong. well done girl.
    Love this post so much cos what you said about buying clothes and not being able to infuse them into our work style is so true. I have tops, skirts, dresses i feel are out of place for the office but with this post i see i've been so wrong :)))) Like the first comment, i want every single outfit on this post.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Olive Says...

    I wantttttttt!!!! Stylefash25 i'm loving this post. I cant pick my favorite and i love the fact that i've finally found a guide on how to wear somethings i didn't think i could wear to work.

  4. I will definitely be refreshing this page cos i am so inspired by this post. I have learnt alot.