Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Adorable Animal Motifs

Hello Loviesssss,

Hope the week has been good to you so far? Today's post is on a trend that has been around for a bit.  We’re used to seeing animal motifs solely on preschoolers and the occasional elementary-aged fashionista :-) 

But is wearing teddy bears, owls, and cats best left for the under-12 set? The answer is NO. 
Pattern, cut and the design of the graphic all matter if you don’t want to look like you raided your little sister’s closet.

There are two major rules to follow when wearing this trend:

1. Keep the colors muted: Warm, understated colors are the way to go. Burnt orange, brown, navy blue and cream are popular options for the base color of your sweater. Stay away from brights to avoid looking like you shopped in the kids’ section. When wearing an animal motif sweater you are going for an indie-cool look rather than a childish one.

2. Pair with stylish bottoms: A pair of fitted jeans or chinos is a perfect companion for an animal motif sweater. 

Thanks for always reading.


Photo Credit: All women stalk, Pinterest, J'adore fashion


  1. This is a trend i love. When i do not have anything to wear, i just slip into one of my motif sweaters and pair with pants or a pencil skirt and i am good to go.

    1. Hey Lovie, i totally agree with you. I think the motif sweater should be a staple in the girls wardrobe. Thanks for stopping by. xoxo