Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Trending - A new kind of necklace :-)

Hello Loviessss,

How have you all been? Was going through some of my fashion magazines and i saw this lovely accessory that has been trending for a while... I like to call it 'a new kind of necklace' 

There is nothing more classic in fashion than the collar. Whether matching the shirt it is attached to, embellished, or bold, it has long been the starting point of a look: elegantly and gently encasing a woman’s neck and leading the onlooker into the rest of her look. In the past few seasons, the collar has taken on a whole new form altogether, becoming a stand-alone piece of jewelry. 

So when you are looking for that accessory piece to jazz up your look the collar works well.

Hope you like... Thanks for always reading. 



  1. Hi stylefash, lovely post as usual. Have always loved the collar even though i think it isn't a fashion trend for everyone. The fuller figured ladies might have issues pulling this look off. what do you think?

  2. Olive says

    This trend is absolutely gorgeous. I wont mind having a couple in ankara/african print. Nice post.

  3. Hi styleflash, Please reply Anon 09:08.... thanks

  4. True, i think being full-figured, this trend isnt for me at all, as it will jst make me look like stuffed turkey during thanksgiving. However, i rly think the collar is an uber cool accessory. Would advise otherwise, stylfash? kindly reply your readers.
    many thanks.

  5. Hi everyone thanks so much for you comments.... My opinion on what this trend would look like on a plus size sis.... I think all trends would look better on some people than others and the collar isn't an exception. The important thing to keep in mind when adopting any trend is that fashion should be something that is an extension of your personality. It should work for you, make you comfortable and give you lots of self confidence. So i'd say if you can't work it, don't wear it..... Thank you all for always reading xoxo.