Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Jumping Jumping

Hello Loviesssss,

Today we would be looking at one of my favorite trends - the jumpsuit. Oh jumpsuit who would have thought your appeal would linger for so long? I particularly love this trend because its super cute, chic and sure to knock off 10-15mins off your dress up time...LOL. Just slip into one, wear some killer heels or flats, your lovely clutch, a little make up, your hair pulled up or let down and you are good to go.

To think that it was just the fashion brave who dared don a jumpsuit but today celebs everywhere are literally jumping on this statement-making piece.

Thanks to the sleek, feminine silhouettes, luxurious fabrics and colors, jumpsuits are now incredibly chic & stylish for both day and evening events. 

Now before we get carried away, i'd like to remind us of some ground rules we must honor when wearing the jumpsuit.

- Do not let your waist get lost : If you want to flatter your figure in a jumpsuit, you have to define the distinct sections of your body by cinching the waist, either with a belt or with a jumpsuit that has an elasticized or drawstring midsection.

- Ditch the 80's jumpsuit look : The jumpsuit itself is already reminiscent enough of the 80s, so don't go overboard with the color palette, too. It'll look much more modern if you mix things up.

- Pay attention to proportion : Identify the slimmest part of your own silhouette, then work backwards. If you've got killer legs but a not-so-firm tummy, go for a jumpsuit that's blousy up top and skinny in the legs. If you're more top-heavy, balance it out with a jumpsuit whose pants are wide leg or flowing.

So if you're interested in updating your wardrobe with an of-the-moment jumpsuit, you've come to the right place! 

Thanks for always reading.


                                         Cassie's Cannes in Lanvin halter jumpsuit

                                                    Kardashian Collection

                                               Mel B in Stella McCartney

                                                     Red Valentino Jumpsuit

                                                             Luv Luv Luv

                                                            Luv Luv Luv

                                                   Katy Perry in  girly floral jumpsuit


                                         Rihanna in missoni formosa jumpsuit


  1. this is most definitely one trend i love! it is a forgiving trend, hides d folds and all on a plus size baby like me!!! i rly shud stock my wardrobe with different colors. my loving, ever forgiving jumpsuit. and it really really saves alotta time whilst dressing up. throw on a blazer and a jumpsuit can even be worn to work. such a versatile outfit.

  2. Hi lamina yeah the trend is very versatile, forgiving, effortless and my favorite part is the time saved when dressing up ...hehe. I'm sure colours, silhouettes and fabrics would be twicked season after season but I'm almost certain its a trend that's here to stay for a long time :-) Thanks for always reading. xoxo