Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Young BossLady :-)

Hello Loviessss,

How have you all been? 

I had an interesting meeting at work a few days ago with the CEO's of our subsidiaries and i realized the board was full of young, dynamic ladies & gentlemen all below 40 years.

Anyhoo a new CEO was appointed for one of our African regional offices. She's below 30 and really smart.  

I got thinking about how sometimes leadership can make you drab if you aren't conscious and that brings us to the question - what should you wear as a young stylish boss? 

We've tried to put together some looks that are feminine yet commanding, pieces with modest, classic silhouettes. It makes for easier dressing and of course, you’ll look like the authority figure you are.

Just because you’re a boss doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to lose all the fun! And hey, remember you are young.

Remember to add a red lip :-) some colorful shoes, and voila!!!! You look like a boss, and don’t have to give up your youthful style.

Hope You like? Enjoy.



  1. How do you get away with wearing coloured shoes to work? Red , Blue????!! It won't work for me. Look 1 & 5 are my favourites.

  2. Hello anon 08.25 :-) I knew the coloured shoes would spark up some drama in d comments area but I realised its just banks and very few companies that are strict on colours. Most organizations actually do a lot of business casuals and colours are welcome too. The pieces here are just a guide and can be twicked, toned down, worn seperately or infused in your wardrobe. Btw... Try and rebel one of these days, wear one of your coloured shoes and let's hear what HR has to say... Lol (just joking). Thanks so much for you comment and stopping by. Xoxo.

  3. I love the way you put the looks together. I love all of them except 8 (I think it takes a certain body type to pull off that sweater and still look young), but I would say my favourite is look 3 paired with the pump from look 4 :)

  4. :( Another reminder, i have to quit my present job, every1 dresses tragic! i wish i could drag my bosses here with their archaic ancient of days dress sense. Kimon! just look at all these pieces, absolutely chic and gorg... all the dresses are just calling out to me (lool)

  5. very gorgeous ensembles. each set screams SIMPLICITY! CLASS! ELEGANCE! POWER! TASTE! and STYLE! Great job. however, one must really be a BAWSELADY to afford such high quality pieces. No primarni doings please :p

  6. Love the looks babes, they all speak powerful, young yet fun.well done

  7. I love the combos, especially 1,3 and 5.like i should get a new office wardrobe!!!