Tuesday, 8 May 2012

N600/£2.50 :-) :-) :-)

Hello Loviessss,

Hope you've all been good? I saw this lovely rubber shoes on my kid sis and was wondering where she got them from, eventually she told me her colleague got them for her.

A few days later i was looking at forestylesake's blog and i saw the post on DIY: Improvised shoe clips and i got inspired :-)

Anyways got to the office the next day and sent my office assistant who knows everywhere in Lagos Island market to help me get them and i also asked her to get me some earrings - i react badly to costume jewelry so i had none at home to use.  

She shocked me and came back with the shoes at - N400 and earrings N200 (about £1.50 & Less than £1 respectively)  holy smokes - eyes popping out. Btw i gave her N5,000 :-)

Anyhoo i tried out the experiment with my N600 transaction :-) :-) :-) and voila it worked....lol. 



  1. Hi Stylefash could not stop laughing when i read your post. I can imagine you were shocked at the price lollloool from 5k to N400 box.....hahaaha Love your blog so much. If you didnt say, i would have thought the shoes came like this. Well done on this post.

  2. woow! this is lovely, particularly because i have the exact same kind, got em 4 the rainy season...Anyhu, i never imagined i cud jazz it up this way... i particularly love this post and still laughing at your "cost shock". NICE 1

  3. Olive Says

    OMG i cant believe my eyes, this looks really nice.. love how you put it stylefash N600 transaction lol. I would totally try this out and wear this any day. Like the fact its rubber. P.s your office assistant is a really nice person to have brought back your change lol. Nice post.

  4. LOL... still havent gotten over the cost shock. Thanks for stopping by everyone. xoxo

  5. Wow! this is really nice. the shoes turned out uber cool, love the costume earrings tho. they look very vintage (i want!!!. i will def be trying this out with my shoes, thanks to u and shally and segi of forstylesake.com.
    PS: i like the fact that you credited forstylesake for this idea. cool!!