Monday, 16 June 2014

Love Affair with My Funky Iro & Buba

Hello My Loviessss,

How are you all doing? I hope you all had a good two weeks in the blogsphere while i was away? I have a small confession to make and i know some people can totally relate to what i am about to say.

So this blogging thing wasn't forced on me o, i don't know why lately it been like a lot of work to blog. Anyone who truly knows me would tell you i am an all or none kind of person. If i am unable to do or continue anything, i very quickly speak up so i do not disappoint anyone.

You know how i thought the only problem i had with my lack of blog buzz was not going out enough? Ermmmm, well it turns out its a lot more than that. I recently did an evaluation of what the other issues could be and came up with my list below: (Me and my

- Work pressure (normal, what else is new)
- Fear of being boring with my outfits because trust me, i find some very popular blogger styles boring. It feels like same, same all the time.(True fear) 
- Still trying to venture out of my comfort zone with my style. ( I am a true chic-classy-subtly sexy kind of girl).
- Currently doing some serious spring cleaning in my closet and giving out 80% of what i own. (That would automatically live me with just 20% and would force me to be more creative).
- Bored with my shoes (Problem of a tall big feet girl)
- Haven't shopped in a really longggggggggggggggg time so i am bored with my clothes
- Unexciting photo locations. (My office or my house)
- Still a struggle to get who to take pictures.

So my dear loviessss, these are some of what stylefash the blogger struggles with.

Anyways, since i know my dear readers can sense when i am slightly off or not feeling the whole blog thing, i decided to take some timeout last week. I wouldn't honestly say i am really back, but i almost there. So please bear with me my lovies if you refresh this page and don't find regular updates. But i would try my best. 

 On to todays post, Lord knows that my love affair with the iro & buba didn't just start but the trendy silk and chiffon fabrics has definitely made the love affair

 Oh, i must mention that i don't really like the knot trend; i think i have tried it once, it looked really nice on me but i still prefer the normal wrapper tying way.

 I am so comfortable in them and can wear them almost every weekend. I have even lost count of how many i own.

  Apart from making the Iro & Buba, my favorite part is actually picking out the fabrics. It gives me
I am so in love with this houndstooth print fabric. Might make something else with this one.
I have also caught the guipure bug and i got a few recently and can not wait to make. These wouldn't be for Iro & Buba. I plan to make a lovely dress, a nice top & skirt with the champagne & black one. Haven't quite figured out what style to make for the coral one. Any Ideas?
Funnily enough, i think i choose fabrics like my mummy dearest because i still have some of the ones she left and i see my own daughter wearing some of these guipure fabrics in future.

Thanks for always reading lovies and understanding when i have my blog mood swings. 

Have an amazing week ahead.



  1. You REALLY love your iro and buba!

    1. Hehehehehe, yes i do. The love has been on a long time. xxx

  2. i love the second look
    you look good dear and i need regular post from you oo

    1. Thanks my darling buiti. I shall try my best. *Hugs*

  3. From Sweden with Love16 June 2014 at 06:13

    You look like and Amaria. I love how real you are SF, your posts aren't robotic. So i get what you mean when you say you took some timeout.
    Meanwhile these fabrics are lovely. I love the ones your are wearing and the new ones too. Waiting to see how creative you get with the guipure.
    Like buiti said, we need regular post from you.

    1. My Sweden lovie, thanks for always reading and understanding as per the timeout.

      I can't wait to sew the new ones. I would definitely do a post. xxx

  4. Your list made me laugh. But very real. Nice to know you have genuine fashion fears.
    Meanwhile, please when is this spring cleaning happening? Address pls!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love both looks and your bags are beautiful. Is the bag in the 2nd look Celine?

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting morenike. The fear is The spring clean is happening you would show up....hahahhaha.

      Yes, the second bag is a Celine bag.

  5. I also love the houndstooth Fabric...
    You should let go of Fear and try those outfits that your afraid of wearing, who knows they might be among the Best ones..You'll be more relaxed if your not afraid.
    I'll be here reading every post you publish.
    The Beautiful Eagle

    1. Aww thanks for the vote of confidence Ugo. xxx

    2. A very lovely piece style fash. I love love your Buba and I can't wait to own one. And I agree with u on the knot wrapper style which seems to be the rage these days, making every one look like ' taiwo and kehinde' .tho it suits me sha. I love love the Guipure lace. Am totally in love with Lace dresses and structured skirts and blouses (not the up and down) . I see my self doing amazing things with those awesome fabric of yours.

    3. Hahaha my Benny dearest "the knot style rage making everyone look like taiwo and kehinde"

      You are absolutely right, the guipure lace are so nice with structured skirts and dresses. Wait till you see what i'll make with mine...hehehehe.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting my lovie. Loads of hugs. xxx

  6. Hey dear I really love your second outfit and I am really liking your bun, xx

    1. Thank you Wura dearest. That bun style is a life saver, my go-to hairstyle :-D

  7. I love love love the second outfit. I haven't worn iro and buba in ages . And please Stylefash take me in your handbag when going on that much needed shopping. Your hair looks good too !

  8. Love ur outfits

  9. I love all the new fabrics and the ones you wore too, the first one looks like ankara though. I'm getting tired of the knot wrapper too. I will suggest you make a simple peplum top with the coral one with special sleeves, would be very nice. I really wanna be part of your spring cleaning, please holla at your girl. :D
    Miss you here, will be here whenever you feel up to blogging.