Monday, 24 February 2014

My Lagos People 1

Hello My Loviesssss,

How have you all been? This would definitely be one post with the most pictures i think i've ever had on my blog.

So the past one week has been very eventful. I came up with a very interesting idea at work for us to have an exhibition at the on going Lagos Polo Tournament. I had no idea what i was getting myself into. I had no idea i was going to do the planning from start to finish. I thought it would be an opportunity to get away from the office, meet people, enjoy the tournament, take lovely pictures while achieving our ultimate goal of giving the company some more exposure, better brand perception and introducing our services to potential clients. 

The tournament started on wednesday the 19th and trust my office to go the way. Everything from paying for the booth, to getting the prototype into the venue, logistics etc was all done at the last minute. May God deliver us...LOL.

Anyways the first and second days were just alright, with quite a number of people at the event but by friday to sunday, the event took a whole new turn.
More people showed up and the fashionsta's appeared. It was quite difficult working and taking pictures but i tried... Anything for you my lovies :-) The weather was so hot, i had to re-evaluate my life and i know i must make Heaven sha...LOL.

One thing i noticed however at the Lagos Polo tournament was all kinds of styles and trends were on display. It was completely different from the regular sophisticated look, summer dresses, hats, khaki's etc you have at the polo/horse riding events in London. I saw a lot, from people dressed in micro-mini sequin club appropriate dresses, to people in lovely summer dresses and hats.

One fashion trend that was fully on display were jumpsuits & playsuits. I photographed quite a number of people who wore them.

Meanwhile, side gist, Lagosians can POSE sha...Ahn ahn. There was this really handsome guy i met, i was busy admiring his shoes when he walked up to our booth. When he opened his mouth to speak, he was just so shallow. No depth whatsoever. I wouldn't bore you with what made me draw that conclusion but trust me, there should be a law against acting like you are the 8th wonder of the world or God's gift to mankind and at the same time be that shallow...naaa. its just so wrong...LOL.

Let me pause my gist here, because the tournament continues on wednesday and runs through sunday for the grand finale. I shall come back with more pictures and gist.

Thanks for stopping by and always reading my lovies.


Warning: Picture Overload :-)

 My Colleague Valentina
 Halima brought Ice-Cream. 
 My Colleague Halima forming busy on her phone
 Polo Inspired horse print chiffon top.
 SF on one of the days. Guess whose 'fro is out :-)

 Onyinye for Fifth Chukker

 Jennifer for Polo Avenue 
 BRM for Polo Avenue
 Fifth Chukker Stylist

 Lagosians doing their thing :-)
 Love this gorgeous Tie-Dye Jumpsuit

 Love this look too



And for those of us who went for the event straight from church on Sunday thanks to mad traffic, had the funky Iro & Buba to the rescue.


  1. Awww you look really good with your natural hair. Trust lagosians to dress to kill.

  2. yup this the post with a lot of pictures, I love the ankara you tied in your last look, really pretty. Lagos peeps never dull wen it comes to fashion

  3. Lagosians never disappoint. Love all your looks mi love!

  4. Lovely pictures and trust me I was eager to know why you came to the conclusion that guy was shallow..abeg give us gist oo. Nice one

  5. Loved your skirt on Instagram, love it here too LOL. Thanks for the photos. Eko oni baje...

  6. Looked like fun! Thanks for sharing! I have to mention again that I love the print on your skirt!! Gorg!

  7. Sooooooooo sad I missed out! Next year by force! Love the last look :)

  8. That natural fro is the loving...and so jealous of all that warm weather :(.
    I like the jumpsuit trend...especially fancy the tie dye print....I wonder if I can get a good tailor to 'tailor loran' a silk ankara version for me...

  9. Am crazy about your Iro and buba look

  10. LOL Lagosians and shakara shaa
    love the pictures

  11. I love the horse print blouse - whimsical prints for the win:) And the last iro and buba photo - lovely.

  12. Looks like your idea turned out great even with the work. Love the outfits from the day!! Your hair looks great!

  13. Wow!! So the way people came out so fashionably :-)
    Great post mama Fola :-)

  14. i WANT the tie-dye jumpsuit