Friday, 21 June 2013

StyleFashionista - Tolu

Hey Loviessss,

Its another stylefashionista day here at stylefash25 and today i'll be featuring my gorgeous friend Tolu. She is so fun loving and such a darling; I actually do not recall a dull moment with her and i am  sure you can tell from her interview :-)

Her style is ladylike, colorful and chic. 

However, my beef with my friend is she has such cute feet and gets all the pretty shoes. I almost cry when we go shopping because she gets all the beautiful shoes. Has anyone ever noticed how 'not so pretty' the bigger sized shoes of the same design look?....LOL. 

Anyways Tolu is style meets brains meets fun.

Name: Tolu

Where are you originally from & where do you live currently: I'm from Ondo State in Nigeria (the state with the highest number of professors :) and I live in England.

What you do for a living: I work as a Project Manager for Barclaycard.

How do you relax/hobbies: I hang out with family and friends to relax. A Skype addict i am! Also enjoy spa sessions. Traveling can't be ruled out of my agenda ever!

What inspires your style:  A blend of comfort and classic works for me. I like to give off the impression of being classy and unique. 

Who is your style icon: Alesha Dixon

Are you ladylike or boyish kind of girl: Very ladylike in my dressing

What fashion item can't you live without: Raceback tank tops - I can't do without these

Pumps or wedges: Wedges because these kind of offer a stylish twist.

Are you obsessed with any fashion item in your closet now and what is it: Obsessed with a new handbag that a friend got for me. It's got a lot of blings - don't remember ever owning a bag with so many blings! 

What fashion item have you purchased & considered a steal and was it worth it: Cheapest fashion item ever owned - earrings of $2. This was a good buy. RRP was $48. One of the hooks had come off but then i couldnt resist the 'irresistible' price

Are you a foodie and what's your favourite food: A loyal foodie - yes! I like my tortilla wraps with lots of veggies and chicken and light mayo. Easy to make, affordable, healthy fillings, doesn't require dish washing haha, gas cooker not required, best part is I can have it anytime of the day. Don't see me as a lazy lady after reading this thread :)

How do you stay fit & healthy: I go about my daily fitness routines - love brisk walking. I take a lot of healthy meals to stay healthy - Love my smoothies

What's the weirdest thing I'll find in your handbag: weirdest stuff in my bag is a toothbrush 'cos u never know where u will end up

Your favourite holiday location: Vegas is my best vacation location so far. Filled with sweet memories:)

Thanks for always reading lovies.

Stay Chic & have a fabulous weekend.



  1. Lovely and comfortable style. You can tell she loves her colors and she looks fun loving too. I particularly like her 'Go Slow' T-shirt.

  2. I am beefing all the small feet ladies too, I know how you feel stylefash :-) She looks really nice and sure loves her shoes.

  3. Love her shoes. Couldn't stop laughing at her toothbrush being the wierdest thing in her bag...LOL. I feel you girl. She looks really fun loving.

  4. Lovely and VERY colorful, i love a pop of color in my outfits too. Not a fan of her shoe choices though, but i like that her personality shines through her outfit choices and her smile...her house (if its hers) looks sooo colorful too. me likey!!! keep these posts coming...we are still waiting for the male features

  5. She really loves colors. Wow is that her house? With her wall of fame?. I did something similar in my apartment and people said I am vain. I love your house girl and keep loving
    Now on to the matter at hand. She clearly loves comfort and chic. Love her colorful blazers too.
    Nice post stylefash.

  6. Love her sling back shoes in the 1st picture and teal loafers. Very nice.

  7. Told definitely dresses well.I always look forward to what she would wear to work. She has never disappointed me.

  8. Shez a classy dresser....fact

  9. I've known Tolu since high school days and I can bet you she sure knows her onions well in terms of dressing up. Me likey the shoes in the shoes in the 1st picture.

  10. I like her look. Comfortable, colorful and relaxed. Nice. Like this new addition to the blog stylefash. Well done

  11. Like the green blazer. And her personality shines through her style. Nice feature stylefash.

  12. love the black and white strip skirt, the easy and gorg look of the green blazer, pink fun tees and jeans... i love her style indeed....dunno about the shoes just yet tho.
    I really really like her smile, she seems fun and troublesome.

    very nice addition stylefash and yes! we r still waiting for the male features.

  13. Cool. I have collected the black n white strip skirt from her lol. 1 dress from her is like 5 clothes put together from my closet. Cos they r just so unique.

  14. Thank you lovies for all your comments and stopping by.

    Tolu thank you for being an SF25 Ranger...Heheheehe. You've been a star babes.