Thursday, 23 May 2013

StyleFashionista of the Day - Harrie

Hello Loviessss,

I am so excited about today's post because i am featuring one of my favorite bloggers; Harrie of missblizzers. 

I started following her blog a while ago and realized we had so much in common especially how effortless and chic her style is. Did i mention i am totally in love with her natural hair. 

She has encouraged me without knowing it on the blog journey and for me, Harrie isn't just another blogger, I call her my blog twin.

Without further ado, i present to you Harrie

1. Name & Blog name: Hey ya I am Harrie from

2. Where are you from originally & where are you live presently: I am from a beautiful town in Cameroon called Limbe but I also call Oslo -Norway home.

3. What inspires your style or what makes your style unique: My style is mostly inspired by my environment,the people I meet and other style bloggers, you gotta give these women (style bloggers) kuddos ,they are doing an amazing job ..Much respect for them. My style is unique because whatever thing I do,I try to make it mine,fits it into my personality,mostly simple ,never overdone,style is democratic,so ladies,let your voices be heard .Be you..Do You.

4. Ladylike or tomboyish: Definitely Ladylike

5. Who takes your blog pictures? Friends and mostly my mum.

6. What's the most expensive or cheapest item you ever purchased and were they worth it: The most expensive item in my closet is a gucci suit I purchased awhile back,I still dont know what came over

7. Are you a foodie & what's your favorite food: A proud yes from me lol.. This sister loves her a good meal. Hard to choose though,but if I had to,I ll say kidney beans and rice with lots of beef lol 

8. Pumps or Wedges: Pumps kinda girl though I love the comfort I get from wedges

9. What' your favorite item in your closet today: A difficult one but I ll say my recently purchased leopard coat from H&M ,it vamps up every outfit.

 10. Any regrets about going natural: I love my natural hair, going natural was one of the best decisions I made 2years ago. My only regret is I wish I'd gone natural earlier ,would have saved me alot of self inflicted damage on my hair and confidence.

11. Favorite Vacay destination: Normally I would say Hawaai, but since I like visiting new places,Santorini Greece seems more Like it for me now.

Thanks for always reading.

Stay Chic


Please check and follow her blog on, facebook name : missblizzers.


  1. LOVE her style!

    *gonna check out her blog*

  2. She is quite stylish, I love all the outifts.I guess you have a lot in common stylefash.

  3. Love her style. I see the similarities in both your styles, She is really your blog twin.

  4. Her look is definitely chic. And I like the fact that its easy and nothing over the top. And her hair is amazing.

  5. Her style is really nice and she puts together her pieces well. I see why you love her hair stylfash. Lovely post.

  6. Hey stylefash I knew when you feature someone on your blog it would be someone who's really stylish. I love her style so much and my favorite pic is the first pic and the black and white stripe top. Your styles are really similar. Will check her blog. Btw, its my first time commenting on your blog.

  7. She's definitely a hottie and really trendy. Love the fact that she's a foodie too. Love this new addition to your blog.My favorite pics are the 1st and 2nd.

  8. awww thanks guys..Im so grateful for the kind words..@ Stylefash you are the best girl..keep shining..


  9. Hey ya, just found your blog last night and I fell in love. The stylefashionista is definitely a stylish lady. Love the look with the denim and pink trousers.

  10. Very nice! i like her outfit choices, they are quite refreshing...and her outfits all look very affordable, that's always a plus for me.

  11. Love her style , simple beautiful and chic

  12. Love the all white outfit. She's definitely a stylefashionista and I see why you call her your blog twin. Both your styles are effortless and chic.

  13. Nice style. Love your blog stylefash.

  14. Like her style.

  15. Nice stylefashionista feature. And I love your blog.

  16. Love her style....very versatile beauriful!!!!

  17. Shes really stylish. Everything looks amazing.... Not overdone, just right!