Thursday, 19 April 2012

Fashion Trends This Season

Hello Loviessss,

Today i'll be sharing fashion trends &  some must haves of the season. 



- Mint green is one of the biggest color trends this season. The racks will be full of fashions all done up in a soft whimsical version of mint green 

- Stripes of different shades and colors seem to hold a place in fashion year after year.

- Neon shades such as bright blues, yellows, greens, oranges, and hot pinks. are totally hot.

- High-Waisted flare pants are so big ... The pant that Katharine Hepburn made so popular, is back... I suggest you pair this style of pants with a great heel, just to give the old look a bit of flare. The new flare pant as a rule have loops for a skinny belt, so you can flash up the look with a flashy thin belt.

- Pajama inspired styles -  All meant to be classical, and again comfortable

- Black and white all mix up fashions were big on the runways this season. Let's face it - you can't go wrong with the traditional black and white outfit. The designers know this little fact, and continue to cash in on it.

Whimsical pattrens. From bird prints to deers, fruit, feathers, you name it, tops with whimsical prints are big. You will see everything from blouses to dresses all sporting Whimsical prints.


  1. Olive says

    I have always loved mint so i'm glad its finally getting the recognition it deserves. Meanwhile i wont be caught dead in the pajama trend its too daring for me. I love the neon shades.

  2. Love the deer print dress. For me to pull off the pajama style, i'll wear either the top or bottom and pair with something plain. The high waist pant is always so chic.

  3. stylefash,u are always on point.we shld make u style ambassador of naija to all other countries,but uare always so job.

  4. stylefash stylefash stylefash!!!!!!!!! u and this kim sef... anyways u gotta give it 2 her shaa, she's a dresser and a half and more sef.
    Had disliked the Pajama look until Rihanna worked it
    Love those bright colors.....just makes one smile :)