Saturday, 17 September 2011

ARISE Made in Africa Fashion Show 2011

Hello Loviesss,

Yep its the ARISE Made in Africa fashion show 2011. OMG i was blown away by most of the designers collections.  We have list of our favorite picks.... *wink*

From Bunmi Koko's array of different shades of blue and a sudden transition into a pop of yellow and yep the colour blocking and mid length flare pants made our day. 

Then to Tsemaye's collection- had a lot of neutrals and whispering hues; baby pink, white & grey. Evident in his collection also was some 70's & 90's influence in the boxy tops & hipster pants. I would like to call his collection minimal & chic.

To one of my favorites of the show - Asibelua - Never have I seen tye&dye, pie-chart printed ankara, snake print & jersey all in one collection and very well executed. An array of slouchy blouses paired with just-under-knee shorts, embellished tunics with chiffon hemlines, slouchy kaftans , different sized check printed fabrics paired with yellow paneling. It was monochrome and then it was yellow or orange. She has definitely given the go ahead to pair checks and tye&dye fabrics.

LDA had a lot to deliver in this collection. It was mainly about the fusion of unexpected fabrics at LDA’s show, we particularly loved the colour-clashing underlay of silk with lace, we did spot some hard fabric which we assume is aso-oke made into pieces finished with exaggerated floral detailing; we were absolutely in awe on the couture-esque sheath blouse paired with straight maxi skirt.

JBL had beautiful designs as usual. Its was almost like we were back in the 50's, she schooled us all the way back to the old times. We also loved the 'Nigerian Men' hats. We spotted effortless tailored  silk numbers paired with fabrics that appeared like an artist had used a brush to put strokes on. It was a palette of colours – yellow, orange and blue being prominent.

Now enough of story telling- Pictures, pictures & more pictures. Warning- Beware of picture overload, i haven't figured out the 'view more pictures when you continue' button :(

Enjoy xoxo.

                                             Bunmi Koko S/S 2012 Collection

Tsemaye S/S 2012 Collection

                                                         Asibelua S/S 2012 Collection

                                                         LDA S/S 2012 Collection

                                                         JBL S/S 2012 Collection


  1. All the designers from bunmi koko, to Tsemaye to LDA to JBL were all outstanding. but mehn! i gotta say that in my own opinion that LDA's collection stood out and i totally loved the grey shorts and black top with white embroidered thingy. then d green dress by JBL is also really pretty as well.All in all though nice write up and collection (thumbs up)

  2. Hi stylefash25 this is a lovely post. I particularly love LDA/JBL. Though we had an understated JBL collection this time - not as embellished as her other collections. I also love tsemaye's chic designs.
    I kind of disagree with you on Asibelua's collection, i think too many things were going on in my opinion. Not my style at all. For me, even though she was trying to be creative and stand out, it got lost somewhere in the busy prints, checks & patterns. Each of those pieces should have been paired with something plain/sheer and color blocked appropriately. Just my thoughts :-)
    Love your blog so much, keep up the good work.
    P.S Was it just Nigerian designers that were featured at the event?

  3. Hi anonymous 05.42, thank you for your comment, i'm glad you like the post ;-)
    @ anonymous 07.58 there were other African designers, the ones featured here were just our favorites. Thanks for your comments :-) xoxo