Tuesday, 9 August 2011

60's fashion........... Jackie O on my mind

Hello Loviesssss,

Was thinking about blogging on 60's inspired fashion trends but i thought, hey the style icons should be celebrated first then we can talk about how their style inspired designers. 

Jackie Onassis (One of my favorite style icons)on my mind.......

Some knew her as the former first lady of JFK but to me, i remember her impeccable style. I follow fashion trend and not politics.. so i have little to say about that.... lol

Jackie O's style wasn't merely a trend but a sense of chicness that transcends all ages and over many decades.

She was timeless and responsible for bringing high style to her era. She was never afraid to wear what she wanted to. She made trousers look hot, shunned in sleeveless dresses and wore trouser suits with sophistication that would never be duplicated.

She set a lot of fashion trends......
- Sleeveless A-Line dresses
- French Suits with 3/4 length sleeves
- Black turtle neck
- Dark huge sunglasses (My Favorite *wink*)
- Pearls 
and the list continues....

I tried to get loads of pictures of her style but jeezzzz its was so difficult getting really nice ones. I'll upload more soon.
Lets know what you think about her style..... enjoy.


 This look inspired some of karl Largerfeld's lace scarves

                                          The Famous turtle neck

                           Color blocking her way *wink* 

                                       Eyes on the belt and i love the shade of green

                    She wore the embellished chiffon monostrap dress so gracefully

                                         Look at those sleeves... love love love!!!!
                                          Those Sunglasses are amazeballs
                                  Her look on my Collage


  1. I think some of the shots are not the real Jackie, it looks to me like Katie acting Jackie

  2. Hello stylefash25 i really enjoyed the post on jackie Onassis, i think she was really stylish and inspired alot of designers we have today. Please upload more pictures. @ Anonymous don't think its katie playing jackie cos the shots are so real and katie is definitely alot younger than jackie in most of the pics.

  3. Hi Anonymous 04:29, looking at the shots closely, jackie and katie have a striking resemblance but Jackie's gracefulness in most of the pictures gives her away and makes her different from katie. I couldn't stop laughing at the way you put it "Katie acting Jackie" (So possible). Thanks for your comment. xoxo

  4. Thank you anonymous 6:59 i'll try and put up more pictures. Thanks for stopping by. :) :) :) xoxo

  5. heys stylefash25,the post on jackie onassis is not on interesting but also inspiring,style and fashion trends from the 60's keep coming back and jackie, as seen in d black suit is one woman that oozes class,confidence and chic!!A combo only a few people can pull off! nicee one stylefash25

  6. Timeless is what best describes Jackie O. whatever her personal turmoils where being married to the playboy president, she was always so put together and oozed pure elegance.

  7. I love jackie o any day. My favourite look is the embellished chiffon mono strap dress. Love this post