Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Is being skinny really more fulfilling than finding love??????

Hello Lovies,

Supposedly a 24-year study "found" that being slim makes a woman happier than any man can. So annoying! According to the study, a woman's weight has a greater effect on her spirits than her love life does.

First of all:
The idea that being thin is the best thing you can be has been hammered into the minds of women from an early age. All the Disney princesses are wasp-waisted, because you have to be skinny just to be in the running to get a prince. (And isn't this why Photoshop so rampant? We have been brainwashed to believe that thinner is better.)

Being Obese leads to more misery  and suffering than being single....... while being thin provides more satisfaction than being in a relationship (so the report says---Raised eyebrows).
People who are obese are stigmatized and seen as being lazy or just don't care. { A Psychologist said: She's skinny but she's lovely...... Raised eyebrows again} A single skinny woman might be lonely but has more hope.

In other words, the worst thing a woman can be is not skinny. It's worse than being single! Or at least that's how this data is being interpreted.
There's no mention of physical health or mental health. You've got to wonder about all the women who are thin and depressed. Or skinny and physically ill. Or slender and injured. Svelte and in an abusive relationship. Are we really supposed to believe they think "at least I'm not fat"?
The fact is that it is not in men’s nature to desire overly thin women. When a man sees 
female curves he finds them sexy because, subliminally, they indicate good reproductive 
Modern fashion has inverted these values so that skeletal is beautiful, plump is ugly.
But women have only themselves to blame. I know lots of females who starve and run 
themselves ragged in the gym not to attract men but to out-psyche other women. 
They are the competitive under-eaters you see in restaurants always refusing the bread 
basket. They use their body as a weapon to undermine others and show that they are top
 dog because they are most in control of their calories.

Logically we all know that men would rather be in bed with Marilyn Monroe than Victoria
 Beckham sadly women would still rather be thin..... :(

                                            Look how skinny Gabrielle Union is!!!!!!

                                                                   Her Royal Skinniness *SMH*
I think the important question is asking yourself how you feel about your weight and 
decide to be fit not for anyone but for yourself. 
True Happiness comes from within.


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